Conservation Commission Meeting

Wednesday, October 13, 5:00 pm
Town Hall
A meeting of the Conservation Commission

Meeting Agenda

Conservation Commission

October 13th, 2021

At Town Hall

5:00 PM

Call the meeting to order.

  • Review minutes of August 18th 2021 meeting.

? Site inspection for Buildig Permit for construction of deck at #17 Potter Road.

  • RDA from Rowe Parks Department for removing trees that have been deemed hazardous.
  • Sign paperwork requesting reimbursement for training.
  • 2021 MACC Virtual Fall Conference October 19th - 23rd.
  • Part Department to be removing trees from Percy’s Point soon. Need to remind them of conditions set when the RDA was submitted on 06/08/2020.
  • Review any other business.
  • Schedule next meeting.

  • Adjourn.

Ramón Luis Sánchez, Chair

Rowe Conservation Commission

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